Sacred Art of Brujeria by Katrina Rasbold

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This beginner-friendly guide is the ideal choice for understanding and practicing brujería-the healing witchcraft of Mexico and the American Southwest. Adapted from a twelve-month series of classes, The Sacred Art of Brujería is a hands-on learning tool that features practical techniques, engaging exercises, and clear explanations of a wide variety of brujería-related topics.This remarkable how-to book is unlike any other, covering everything from the history and divine figures of brujería to the healing, protection, and money magic that you can utilize in daily life. Explore power words and breath work, treat spiritual maladies, perform different types of limpia (cleansing and clearing), and learn about brujería as a business. Professional bruja Katrina Rasbold gives you an insider's look at this sacred practice and how it helps others as well as yourself.