Magic Soap

Magic Soap

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Beauty sparkles throughout the silver moons, leaving you spellbound.

Marrying sweet orange and ylang ylang, these soaps not only smell phenomenal but the oils chosen are so amazing for your spirit as well!

Sweet orange has been popular in aromatherapy and has proven to enhance cheerfulness, instill positivity, and reinvigorate the spirit by simply smelling it. One of the other benefits of sweet orange is it has a distinct power to raise our spiritual awareness. It helps remind us that life is limitless, full of opportunity, and spontaneity. It can also help us tap into our creative centers, so that we can manifest more of what we love in our lives. Since ancient times, oranges have been revered as a symbol of fortune and abundance in Chinese culture. So, if you are desiring more “Sweet Wealth” to come into your life, use the power of sweet orange to attract it to you!

Ylang ylang is a very well known fragrant flower that has been used for many years as a popular ingredient for many perfumes. However, the amazing healing benefits of the oil were not as widely known. Ylang ylang provides release from feelings of depression and anxiety, while relaxing the body and soul and inducing feelings of joy. The oil is also one of the best aphrodisiacs, creating feelings of warmth and sensuality. Ylang ylang is also a very effective oil on the heart and throat chakras as it instills insight and clear vision, allowing acceptance and faith to flow through the heart and mind. The oil provides relief from beliefs that no longer serve you and helps you speak your inner truth. Through this, one is able to flow through high-tension situations with ease, harmony, and peace.

Whether you want to smell magical or feel magical, this soap will give it all to you!