Why Yoga Is Awesome

Being at home during these times, facing danger and worry everyday is enough to stress anyone out. In fact, experts are saying that the public’s mental health is of great concern as we move forward. And if American’s weren’t getting out enough already, being stuck at home, no gyms available and no gatherings, makes it hard to exercise and feel like yourself. There is no magic fix, but there is a nice little addition you can add to your daily routine. It’s called yoga, and it can be a marvelous thing to begin to practice during quarantine.

First, yoga is for everyone. Taking a class has many benefits for physical and mental health and well being. It does wonders for pain, and flexibility. It’s also been proven to lower stress, and help with focus and energy.

 Health Benefits

According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga can help maintain strong physical health by protecting from injury, toning muscles, increasing flexibility, and even improving circulatory health, and that’s good news for the heart.

Want to lose weight, and gain strength at the same time? Yoga is perfect. It’s low impact, and easy to start if you’re just getting started on your weight loss journey.

Yoga can also improve respiratory health, by exercising those important muscles that just don’t get worked out sitting around at watching Netflix.

Because yoga is so great at relieving anxiety, it’s a great thing for stress and depression. Get the heart pumping, that blood flowing, and that mind to calm down. That will translate to better sleep, and being rested means more energy through out the day.

 Pain Relief and Flexibility

Yoga is amazing for those who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation. A yoga practice is just the ticket for feeling like your old self again.

Yoga is meant to work large muscle groups. It may take a bit of practice, but yoga will automatically improve your flexibility. Better flexibility will bring more blood flow, and less inflammation.  That darlings, means so much less pain.

All that extra flexibility will actually prevent back pain, and all those toned muscles and increased strength and endurance is what you’ve been needing to feel energized and active. Especially if you have kids, little balls of energy demanding a place to move. Keep up with them, and stay pain free, with a yoga practice.

Yoga Is For Everyone, Even Kids

Anyone can start with simple yoga poses to ease into the practice, so it doesn’t matter whether you are in top physical shape, or been a couch potato. It also doesn’t matter whether you can afford the high end classes in the most prestigious of places, or take a free class via Youtube in your living room. It’s easy to start using the many different websites, and apps available, and a lot are free. And everyone starts out as a beginner. You also don’t need fancy equipment, but a yoga mat does help with keeping stable footing because of its anti-slip properties.

Yoga is very helpful for children, and a great idea for starting the morning, or picking up the lulls and the boredom in the afternoon. Yoga is proven to help relieve anxiety, and kids are just as anxious as adults right now. What a wonderful, healthy way to help them cope.

 It’s a Good Activity During Quarantine

We’re stuck at home. Exercising may not be an option. Yoga at home, is the perfect thing. You just need enough floor space to lay down, and you can get started. You can get the kids in on it, and watch them enjoy the fun and the quality time with you. You’ll have the peace of mind of keeping them active, and their minds calm and sharp. They’ll have fun trying to do the poses and keep their balance.

With everyone stuck at home, though, that means its never been easier to take a yoga class online with locals in your area, or start your own yoga group with friends with the many options for video chat. It’s not the same as hanging out in person, but it is something that you can do together, to stay active, and even get the grandparents to join in on it.

It’s also a wonderful way for the kiddo’s to have something to do together, to share the time together while they are apart, and it’s not Netflix or video games, which is awesome right?

Yoga is such a great healthy addition to your daily routine, and is something for everyone regardless of race, religion, or income. Yoga can be unifying, and something to share with friends online. It’s a great way to stay healthy, get in shape, and help you cope with the stress and anxiety of the world right now. You need to be balanced, and calm, even while the world is in chaos around you. It won’t fix everything, but it will help you find a moment of peace so you can keep going. And right now, darlings, that’s all you have to do.


What do you like best about yoga?