Why Didn't My Spell Work?

Spell casting is the essence of taking control over your goals and manifestations by manipulating the forces around you. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. When you look at why they don't work, there usually comes to be a specific reason. Here, we have listed those reasons and what you can do about it for next time. 

Are You Being Realistic?

When starting a new business, it's probably not wise to immediately say you're going to make a million dollars over night. This is not really realistic in most situations. Part of being aware, and in tune with things is knowing what is realistic. This shouldn't make you stop reaching for larger and more grander goals, but it should make you understand the nature of realism and what kind of channels you'll need to achieve this enormous task. 

While your goal may be one million dollars in business, you may need to work out the steps to get to that point first. Here in lies the issue with magic. So often people believe that you literally have a magic wand in your hand to do your bidding and things poof out of no where. In reality, things come from somewhere, all the time. 

Knowing this, and looking at your spell, are you realistic in your goal? In your timing? I like to actually go over my visuals for my goal. In the case of our million dollar business, we know that won't happen overnight, but can happen over months or years. What will you sell? For how much and to how many people? Realistically seeing how the outcome will arrive makes your spell that much more powerful. 

Can You Visualize The Steps and Your Success?

If you can't break down your goals into smaller bits to achieve it, then you're going to miss a lot of things. Being able to see the steps to reach the end point is important, not only for planning, but for seeing it being able to occur. You don't see the pool poof into existence, you see the money coming in to hire the people to dig the hole and install the pool. Breaking it down means everything for details. 

The more detailed you are in your intentions, the better the outcome. If you want money coming in, how much? When do you want/need it by? Who brings it to you? 

Playing games to visualize the future is a great way to practice. What do you see happening tomorrow? Practice visualizing to get better at your spell work. Soon you won't need to do anything at all, but sit back and imagine the spell working for you. 

Is Your Spell Personally Transformative or Are You Trying To Change The World?

Spell casting is enacting change on forces you can control. Therefore, it is transformative. It should be helping you grow for the better, and by doing so it is helping your community. Spells work best when it is beneficial for you and those around you. If you really think about it, shouldn't that be the way it works? After all, we all have different goals, and want the best for ourselves. But if what's best for us, is awful for someone else, maybe that's not a good way to go. Think about the trade of energies. 

Everything is in motion around us, everything is changing around us. Nothing is ever stationary. Even a rock has change over time. Using spells that are internally transformative tend to work best. 

Instead of doing a spell for the perfect job, how about a spell for helping you reach your full potential, and work to it too? Wouldn't that open doors automatically for the perfect job if its directed at your potential? Which spell do you think would work better? Of course the second one. It transforms energy you can control. 

Are You Directing Forces You Can Control?

Transforming energy you can control, is something we all miss. If you are unhappy in what you are doing, you cannot always change the situation or the environment, but you can change you mindset. You can change how you approach situations.

In all things, there are active and passive forces. If we cannot control passive forces, then we are at their mercy. But if we can direct our active forces to do what we want, then we maintain control in a world that doesn't allow you to have any. 

Are you unhappy because of where you are, or are you where you because you are unhappy? It's mind boggling, and difficult sometimes, but the foundations of all witchcraft begin with knowing. Knowing what you can and cannot control is all the difference between content and upset. 

Sometimes the difference between a successful spell or not is thinking it through, wisely. Deducing the best form of action for your goal is more important that any ritual, any tool, any chant or spell component you can use. You might also discover that you never needed a spell in the first place, and this is the case more often than not.

Take time to explore your options, and your plans before you commit to any spell. You will find more success this way in all things. 

What do you do to ensure your spells work each and every time?