What the Heck is a Sacred Space? And Why You Need One

Woman meditating at home

A sacred space is basically a space that you view as magical, and full of spiritual energy. Sacred space can be made at home, too. Think of the place you go to escape the noise. But in general, a sacred space is a place for magical work, be it ritual, meditation, relaxation, or prayer. You may have a special place already. Any place that takes you from the chaos of the world around you, and to a place of centered peace can be a sacred space. Be it indoors, outdoors, a closet, a bedroom, or a tree at the park. 

The role of the sacred space is to allow you to switch consciousness from one plane to another. When you enter this space, it is calm and yet powerful, because it is yours. Your sacred space.

Elements of the Sacred Space

Everyone has different needs for their spiritual practices. Some people want to be outside in nature, feeling the sunshine and the wind on their face. They want to hear the trees rustle and the birds sing. Some people have allergies so bad that to sit in grass is a night of agony. They need indoor space, quiet space. Maybe art is your method of spiritual connected and you need large space for your supplies. 

Elements of a sacred space, however, remain constant no matter what your personality dictates. A place that you consider magical. A place that you can be yourself in. A place that allows you to both connect to the world, and disconnect from the world. A place that brings you peace, and relaxation. 

Other things you can add to your sacred space:

  • An Altar
  • Altar Decorations
  • Symbols for the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
  • Symbols for the deities you worship
  • Things that bring you joy
  • Things/Symbols for current goals

    Why You Need A Sacred Space

    We live in a world that is constantly making demands on our time and energy. Jobs, school, kids, family, pets, friends, bills. It is a lot to deal with. Not having a way to step back, and take a breath can lead to burn out. If you constantly feel overwhelmed, you may need to take a time out. 

    Remember as a kid, how we hated the time out? Being forced to stop and think about what we were doing? Hmm, that sounds a lot like meditation to me. And I realized that, as I struggled with being a mom, with a school age kid, with a business I was 100% responsible for. 

    Taking time out, not only allows me to reset my thinking, but it lets me problem solve like never before. Having a sacred space that I step inside, reminds me that it is time to put everything down, take a moment to reset, and bring myself back to a state of centered calm. 

    This is why a sacred space is so important. You essentially train your mind to allow you to leave the overwhelm at the threshold. You basically give yourself permission to let it go, and be more mindful. 

    That permission comes from you setting it up, and defining what you need in a sacred space. By decorating it, and making it yours. But that also means, you have to be steadfast in your rules. Your overwhelm is left at the door. Within the space, there is only calm thinking, and creative enlightenment. When you leave the space, you'll be ready to tackle anything. 



    Sacred Space As Spiritual Practice

    In witchcraft, there's a thing called "casting a circle." This means to define a boundary in which your magic works, and is protective. It's a force field for our minds to separate the magic from the mundane. Many people cast a circle as they enter the sacred space. 

    You might find it helpful to incorporate a ritual of some kind to help define your force field for your sacred space. A space is just space until its active in your mind for something greater. Whether you cast a circle, or you breath deeply 10 times, or dance a jig, using a ritual will help you connect more with your sacred space, by enforcing the idea behind it. 

    I encourage you to find a ritual or activity that helps you shake off the worries of the world, before you enter your space. Silly? Maybe. But oh, so effective. 

    What does your sacred space look like?