What is Grounding and Centering?

Everyone talks about being grounded and centered, but no one really talks about what the heck that means, or why you should get good at it. There's probably a lot of different definitions, but we'll share ours. 

Being grounded and centered is basically being present, in the here and the now and the location in which you are standing or sitting. When we find ourselves in the midst of an emotional crisis, we often find ourselves not present, and instead lost in the emotion and the memory. Learning to ground and center yourself would allow you to gain control over the emotions, and take charge of the moment. This is something that can be used in public speaking and business settings, times where you want to be present and mindful. 

How Do You Know Your Not Grounded or Centered?

Being grounded means knowing where you are in any moment, and where your significance is in the grander scheme of themes. When you are not grounded you feel lost, even though have a plan and know where you are physically. It's that feeling of being lonely, even though you are with people who care for you. It can be an emptiness inside, and that longing for something that you don't know what it is. 

Being tired, listless, and having a lack of energy even though you've slept and you take care of yourself is also a sign. Feeling like you are on autopilot. Sometimes, it even represents itself as apathy about everything and everyone.

Not being centered is feeling restless and overwhelmed by emotions. It's being hyperactive, and nervous as though sitting still causes you great discomfort. Racing thoughts that prevent you from concentrating, and being forgetful are all signs of not being centered. That is, not knowing where you are in comparison to the world spinning around you. It's no wonder things slip through the cracks. 

How to Be More Grounded and Centered

There are lots of ways to feel more grounded in the moment. To start, begin with the simple, like standing on the naked earth. Going barefoot walking on the ground seems silly, and overly simple, but it's a great start. Finding ways to engage your senses is the object of the game. That can be with smells, sounds, touch, and other things in the moment. Longer lasting ideas could be to eat more natural organic foods, to meditate or practice yoga and exercise more. If you haven't noticed yet, being grounded is taking care of the physical aspect of being present. So think physical actions and techniques.

Being centered can be just as easy. Practicing self awareness, that is to sit and feel the air on your skin or the wind in your hair. Sometimes doing a boring repetitive task can help center the mind. Creating art or writing, is another good way. Finding a way to laugh, or sometimes to cry is also a good way to center the mind. In the case of being centered, it is to prepare the mind, like grounding is to prepare the body. 

When To Practice Grounding and Centering

You want to ground and center yourself before you meditate or perform any rituals of any kind. You'll want to ground and center before doing psychic readings, or having conversations with your spirit guides.

But more importantly, grounding and centering helps you get a grip when  you feel like you are losing it. Having a list of ways to do this helps you in the moment. I encourage you to make a list of ways you can ground and center yourself in the here and the now.

What are you favorite techniques?