Scorpio Full Moon 2020


This full moon is in Scorpio, that means it's time to focus on things that aren't working, and getting them to push on and give you space. Might be people, actions, habits, or other things that need to come to an end.

Scorpio moons mean endings, sometimes big endings. And that can be hard. We are dealing with a lot of changes right now! You may have lost your job, your financial stability, you comfort zone, maybe even part of your sanity. But that doesn't mean it is the end, because all ends are just beginnings in disguise. Life is a circle. 


Full Moons Are For Growth

Full moons are perfect for redefining which direction you want to go. Yes, there are a lot of endings right now, but we can use this as a sign to fix what wasn't working. I don't know about you, but i would sometimes say, "I wish this would change, I can't stand things like this." I'm sure you did too.

Life expects a lot out of us, and society asks even more. And society doesn't care what our needs are. Sometimes we don't even recognize what our needs are until we realize we can't fulfill them.

How can we return to a normal that wasn't really working in the first place? We are in a position,now, to define what we want our NEW normal to be. Change is always inevitable, and it will always make you stop, think, and analyze where you are in life. Is this where you wanted to be? Are you living the life you want? Even tragic change, unfair and unwavering, is inevitable and a truth that must be faced. What kind of person are you going to be when this is over?

How To Use This Full Moon

This month, refocus that worry that you are feeling into a new beginning. What do you want to see next? What do you need to feel confident and strong right now? What do you need to let go of? What's been holding you back? These are just tiny questions to ponder, as we head in to the next full moon, and subsequently, my darlings, into the next era of mankind. What does that mean to you?

Allow the house of Scorpio to direct your inner most longing. Let go of the things that kept holding you back. Let the endings come, and pass. Grieve where you need to grieve. Learn the lessons you need to learn. Spend some time with your true self, and cut yourself some slack right now. 

This is new to all of us, which is why there is so much potential. I'm one of those people who likes to see the reality of the world, but seek out the positive side of everything. Because in truth, we, as humans, can only process so much at one time. I can't wave a wand and make things better, though I wish I could. But what I can do is see what changes need to be made now, and how I am going to affect positive change for my community. Even if that just starts with one tiny little thing you can change within your sacred space right now. 

Little steps can make big change. So, think about what little steps you can make to change your world.