How to Pick the Right Candle Color for Spells

Candles come in every color imaginable now. Best of all, is getting your own supplies and making your own new colors and creations. But for now let’s talk about picking the right color candle for your candle magic.

By now, hopefully you’ve read the article on candle size. If you haven’t, be sure to check that out next, because size does matter.

Why Color Matters

Color is meant to create a pattern of visual energy that your subconscious can translate in to symbolism. This is why around Valentine’s Day there’s a lot of pink and red, and pink and red in romantic things. It's good marketing, reminding you of love because these warm, and passionate colors represent the correspondence of love and romance, among other things. In truth though, color, and its inherent ability to sway you, is what professional marketers rely on to get you to buy, buy, buy.

Let’s think about the color blue. Blue is a color that builds trust, and that is why you see it on bank logos, and other official images. But blue is a color that doesn’t make you hungry, so it’s not going to show up in a fast food ad. These subliminal truths with color provoke an emotion and a reaction out of you everyday.

The same idea is behind choosing color for your candles. You don’t want to pick a pink candle for a money attraction spell. And you don’t want to get the black candle for a romance ritual either! Unless black amber and leather is your sort of thing, then by all means, because black is chic, and exotic, and screams luxury. But black is also for repelling, banishing, protecting and so forth.

Let’s take a look at the colors and the correspondences associated with them. Now, this is a short list, and should not be your one and only. Continue to add to this list on your own, as you explore what colors work best for you.

Choosing a Candle Color


Red is a very warm and passionate color. It denotes courage, and strength, but also love, lust, and romance. It would also represent the root chakra. Red is a fire elemental color, as well.


More subtle than red, would indicate that pink is meant for friendships, and sweet romantic, long lasting love. Fiery red brings a quick burn, that fizzles out fast, but pink lasts longer.


Orange can be used for attraction and encouragement. It’s also a fire elemental color. It holds the sacral chakra, and is fast moving like red, but not as fast.


Use green for quick money, but gold for long lasting financial gain and prosperity. Gold is also a good choice for business endeavors, because we want businesses to last a while and be prosperous. Gold is also the color to represent the sun, or solar connections. And since the sun represents our conscious mind, and how we appear to the public eye, gold would also conjure energy to raise confidence. This is also a fire elemental color.


Yellow is anything but mellow. It’s bright, it’s full of energy, solar energy, just like gold, and it is the color for creativity, persuasion, and can be used for protection. Why? Do we not persuade others to leave us alone in energetic and sometimes creative ways? Yellow is a color for air.


Money is green, though now its tinted a little like monopoly money, but it still seems fairly green to most eyes. So it makes sense that green candles would conjure energy for money, but usually quick money. It represents earth, and all of its fertile abundance, which brings me to Mother Earth. As this color is a feminine color, and can also add energy to fertility. But think of fertility as more than just babies, think of being fertile with ideas, and creative flow. Think of having a fertile client list, with tons of leads, and good ones, too. Green is an earth elemental color.

Light Blue

Constant is the sky, a bright shade of blue. Blue represents health, patience, and understanding, which makes a great blessing and healing candle color. So pleasing to the eyes, and elicits feelings of trust and serenity. This color is also good for bringing peace. It is a water color.

Dark Blue

Where light blue is peaceful, dark blue is used to banish feelings of depression and vulnerability. Through our emotions, we are most vulnerable, and most powerful. But bogged down by feelings of loss, they don’t call it the blues for nothing.


Royalty wore purple. It was expensive, and toxic, but that's a story for another day. It screams ambition and power. It’s also the color of our crown chakra, and the color for psychic visions and awareness. Purple is a wonderful color, exotic, and a rare color to see in nature. Though violet is present in the light spectrum, purple is actually a combination of blue and red, and therefore a color that longs to be more than what it truly is. That is why purple is for intuitive awareness in all facets of self-discovery.


Brown, like green, is earth related. It is usually saved for workings with animals, but also for home spells, and spells for things like grounding or balance and stability. Brown, being an earth color, and so grounded, would be a good choice for riding through a financial crisis. Also, earth magic indicates spells for agriculture, like gardening spells or perhaps planting the seeds to goals that lead to abundance.


Black candles are not scary, and all ideas that black candles denote devil worship or Satan worship should just stop here. Black is a color that denotes power differently. The inky black of space, is vast, and yet beautiful at night. Shadows appear in black, but without shadow we wouldn’t understand the concept of light. Black gets such a bad rep, but in truth black is color that resonates with true protective power. Just like the feeling of wearing that perfect black dress, or that amazing black tuxedo, there is a sense of confidence that comes with this color. It’s no surprise that black is for protection, for banishing negativity, and for severing the energies that hold us back.


White and black go hand in hand. The duality of all things expressed together. Which is why we see checkerboard floors and black and white pillars of truth in our studies of the occult and spirituality. Yin and yang for example. White denotes purity and truth, blessings, and consecrations. It is a holy color. A pure color unsullied by any other, and therefore innocent, and ideal for every altar. It represents the light around us, and for this reason white altar candles are sometimes called the Enlightener candle.


Silver is ruled by the Moon. Since the moon represents our subconscious, silver is our reflection, our inner intuitive nature. Silver is for all things inner peace and understanding. Talk to your subconscious with a silver candle during meditation. But silver, being a reflection of our subconscious, would also be a color for communication. Because our subconscious speaks louder than our conscious mind in the little mannerisms and things that we do besides speaking words. Therefore, silver makes a great choice for matters of communication as well.


Choosing a candle color starts with identifying the type of energy you want to work with in your spell. When you have decided what kind of energy is needed to making this start moving, you can determine the best color that represents that type of emotional energy. IT’s not the candle and the color doing the work, its your ability to change your way of thinking through symbolism that does the magic.