How to Choose a Candle Size for Candle Magic

You don’t just charge in to a spell or ritual and hope for the best. If anything you’ve at least decided what kind of spell craft you are going to perform. And if you have chosen candle magic, you’ll want to pay attention to one very specific thing…Size.

Believe it or not, in candle magic, size is super important. You don’t want to use a giant candle for a short ritual that doesn’t require multiple days of burning. And likewise, if a spell takes a while to build, you don’t want to keep going through a bunch of little candles. Or maybe you do. It depends. That’s why planning your spell or ritual, and preparing for it is important to its success.

Why You Should Take Time to Choose A Candle

Candles come in so many shapes and sizes, colors, and scents, how can you know what to choose? Or is it that important? Well, disclaimer, your materials matter less than your actual intent in most instances. But let’s face it. A candle that smells like roses and looks pink, is not going to remind you so much of making money. So it is important to understand that choosing a candle should reflect the needs you have, in communicating your intent to your subconscious mind. Check out our article on candle colors for more.

Likewise, the size of the candle and how long you’re burning it for, would play a role in how you interpret the energy that is being gained. Lighting a candle before you begin cooking doesn’t give you energy automatically, but the subconscious act and ritual of lighting that candle before you cook may, indeed, convince you that you have more energy to burn. But would you want to use a new candle each time you cook? Or would you want to use the same candle as much as possible, for as long as possible?

It's About Connections

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic. It seems silly to say, find a candle you are connected to, but its true. Think about how a candle makes you feel when you light it. Do you feel excited? Energized?

One of my favorite rituals was to light a candle at the very end of my weekly house cleaning. There was something oh so satisfying about getting my chores done, lighting that candle, and just feeling accomplished. The way we feel, will directly affect the outcome of anything we do, including goals.

Why do we turn to spell craft? To channel that energy in productive ways to get the things we want and need most. So if we want to go something quick, and short, we’ll want to choose a small candle that burns quickly. If we want to build more of that energy over say a month, working up to something big, you may find a large pillar candle to be the best bet. 

Let’s go through the sizes of candles, and the length of time and uses for each one. This is just a suggestion though, because remember…intention is the main attraction.

Candle Sizes and Types

Mini Tapers or Chime Candles

You may recognize this little thing during the holidays for a Menorah, or table centerpieces. Chime candles are very versatile, because they come in a wide array of colors are usually a dollar or less. They burn for approximately one hour, which makes them perfect for a lot of rituals and spell work.


Everyone has votives. And votives come in all sorts of colors like chime candles and tapers. They can be scented or unscented. They are very easy to make at home as well. You normally burn a votive in a cup, which makes it the perfect thing for rituals that should maintain their energy and flow for about a day. Though we don’t normally recommend keeping a candle lit for more than a few hours, an certainly only under supervision. But to each their own. Use with care.

7 Day Candles

7 Day candles, much like votives, are burned in a glass jar, and usually come poured inside a tall glass jar of its own. (Which makes it perfect to refill later, or use for other things.) These are meant to stay lit for 7 days, which makes them popular across many religions for prayers and such. Do remember, that burning a candle produces carbon, and releases a vapor of wax into the air that ultimately you’ll be breathing. Take heed when deciding to burn a candle for 7 days, especially if you aren’t home to watch it, and keep pets and other mystical familiars away from it.

Knobbed candles

Knobbed candles usually come with 7 knobs, where you can burn through a knob each day. Much like a 7 day candle, except this one is snuffed out after it burns down.

Figure Candles

Figure candles comes in a lot of different shapes. In shapes of males and females, and other forms like their genetelia, or skulls and cats. Generally figure candles are used for forms of sympathetic magic, and choosing different colors for your figures can yield different results.

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles are meant to be burned multiple times over the course of several days, or even months. You would choose a larger candle to continuously build energy. Get creative with this, because nothing says you can’t use a giant pillar candle as an altar candle, and melt down the tiniest bits left over every year to craft a new altar candle.

What ever size you choose you’ll want to pick a new candle for new spells and new cycles of rituals. Remember to keep your wicks trimmed, and the candle should be hair and dust free. Always burn your candles on a safe plate of some kind, and in direct sight. Candle magic is fun, but let’s leave the stress out of it and be safe from the beginning. Check out our next article – Choosing Candle Colors