About the Artist: Mandalas By Kai

Kai Wyndsong

Arizona artist, Kai Wyndsong, is one of our featured artists. Her works are transcendent works of meditative craft. Each piece crafted in a sacred space, invoking Spirit with each creation. A true "artistic medium," she only creates when Spirit guides her, making her pieces rare and truly unique. 

Mandala artwork, jewelry and more. Check out her collection and more about her below. 


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Meet the Artist

Many know me as Kai, which is Hawaiian for Ocean. I came into my awakening as a green witch and an artist over 20 years ago. Often folks will ask me how long it takes to create a new piece of artwork. My response " a lifetime". So let me explain. I have always been artistic, studying color and design in college gave me practical knowledge for my creations. Through many manifestations spiritually and creatively, I have worked with herbs, stones, crystals, clay, drawing, jewelry creations. As I have aged physically, I have had to modify my workings. This brought me to Mandalas and painting using pointillism or dotillism. Wyndsong Creative Enterprises encompasses a lifetime of skill development and empowerment.

I endeavor to use Spirit in all my creations with my Studio consecrated as Sacred space. I experience Spirit in my art during the creation. I joke at times, referring to myself as an Artistic Medium. But it's true. They are not My creations. I am merely the tool by which they are created.

Blessings and creatively yours in Love and Light. Kai Wyndsong Designs ~Mandalas by Kai