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Inspiring Communities With Everyday Mysticism

Everyone's spiritual journey is unique. Your story should be celebrated, not criticized. Here, all spiritual beliefs are welcome. Let our intuitive readings, handmade designs, and curated products help you find your center, so you can focus on being your best self.

And when you are at your best, you help inspire your community village to be at their best as well.


Intuitive Readings

15 Minute Tarot Readings - $25

30 Minute Tarot Readings - $45

60 Minute Tarot Readings - $90

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Great place - friendly owner with lots of knowledge and great energy - will be back!

Teresa V.

Positive vibes throughout. My reading was outstanding. Very knowledgeable and affirming. Thank you!

Noreen T.

This store is awesome and will be on my list of places to get white sage and incense of all kinds. Owner is very nice and kind. Made me feel special in every way.

Sandra E.